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The worlds first multi-chain meme built for arbitrage trading, crypto portfolio diversification, DYOR-Reduction, skill building, meme fun and a great community experience.

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From the Start of Xoge to where it is now, it has always been and will remain a community first project. From the creation of new assets to the fair distribution to the rightful owners. I have always placed the community as the top priority and nothing less.

Arbitrage describes the act of buying an asset in one market and selling it in another market at a higher price, thereby enabling profit from the temporary difference in cost per token.

What Is Arbitrage?

Fair deployments

Large friendly community

Community driven contests and giveaways

Open NFT lines (anyone can create and profit)

Well planned, Doxxed, 3rd party verified and audited

Over 1 year of loyal deployment and service

Trading options not found anywhere else

The first multi-chain token in the world

A meme with utility core

Fun and games

Why Xoge?

The act of velocity or volume in a chart drives a macro trend of value increase by the intrinsic desires of traders(buy low sell high), removing some capital from a strong Xoge asset and supporting a weaker one causing the entire Xoge ecosystem to benefit and will aid in adoption.

How does it help Xoge?